A write up on campus relationship and cupid arrows

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A write up on campus relationship which came in Unique Times magazine was nice read. Campus and romance have been intertwined with each other from as long as campus education has been in existence in our world. In the golden era there was a perform of having separate campuses for men and women. And if you go back in history still further the campus education was meant only for the men at one time and women were not permissible to be a part of it. But no mock precincts or bans have ever been able to prevent the attraction between a man and a woman when thrown together in the college ambiance. With the passage of time mankind has evolved into a mature society that can understand and appreciate this fact of life in a better way. As a result we have a more liberal society today that can respect a romantic alliance between a young man and a woman at the campus. In fact romance seems to have become a primary part of the higher education in today’s world. There are healthy implications to it because it allows human nature to attain its natural course. There is a spiritual happiness that is attached with romance at a young age. If you walk around any campus at any place on earth’ you will find that the language of youth is universal – it is the language of romance.

Across boundaries and across culture’s romance is common to every place. Romance is giving an expression to your innermost feelings and your heart’s yearning to attach yourself emotionally with another person of the opposite sex. Obviously there can be nothing wrong with it. If you really seek for a serious relationship, then it’s better to choose a guy who has experienced what is love and what are its boons”, says Irene a second year graduation student of a known Kochi campus. If this is how girl’s voice echoed, guys don’t make any altered opinion. I wonder what could be the main motive behind this new selection criterion.  This glowing updated century beings have given a new face to the whole concept of commitment. It was always first love which was cherished by the young mass, true cupid’s arrow strikes one’s heart only once was the motto of many then. Now when I mentioned this among a group of youngsters in a cafeteria, their reaction was totally astonishing. It fairly sounded like this, “Cupid’s arrow could be important for first love but the second choice won’t worry about any of such armaments”. It is a wonderful fact of life that campus that campus and romance walk hand in hand. It is natural for romantic relationships to develop at campus as you spend your valuable growing years there.

At the same time young people should maintain a sense of responsibility and respect the liberty and freedom that the campus life allows. As this trend grows there are chances for these young brains to take deliberate efforts to get a past relationship. A wiser thought it may be, but can it be a prudent practice. The article ends by asking this important question.

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A write up on campus relationship and cupid arrows

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A write up on campus relationship and cupid arrows

This article was published on 2012/05/09